• Great diving this Saturday! We had fantastic surface conditions and just the slightest current. We saw Grey Nurse Sharks, a massive school of Jewfish, Blubberlip Bream, some big cod, big Kingfish, massive Barracuda, lots of Snapper, three big Loggerhead Turtles, big schools of Bream and Moses Perch, a couple of cuttlefish and plenty more while whales were singing and making a whole lot of noise!
    Thanks to Josh Blank for the fabulous photo!

  • Low vis and cold water today! Brrrrrr! But still lots of fun to be had diving with our fabulous Grey Nurse Sharks. When the vis is low, they come in extremely close! We saw probably 8-10 sharks crusing around near the Cod Hole. The swim-through was packed with Jewfish and lots of Blubberlip Bream and a few big cod. There were big Kingfish and Snapper and Warren, the massive Loggerhead Turtle was putting on a show in the Trench. Thanks for the great photo, Josh Blank!

  • Grey Nurse Sharks “piling up” at Julian Rocks last weekend. What a great time of year! Thanks to @jblank_photography for the amazing photo!

  • We had some shocking weather over Easter, but conditions have been absolutely amazing at Julian Rocks since Anzac Day. A big thank you to Maurice LaRocca for sharing his beautiful photos with us!

  • We are getting seriously spoilt at the moment… Both with amazing conditions and great underwater photographers on our boat lately! Here is one of Andy Green’s photos from yesterday’s dive. Thanks for sharing, Andy – and great to see you again!

  • The diving Gods have not been kind to us keeping us out of the water for nearly 1 month with cyclones, swells and northerlies … but they sure made up for it today with the best conditions we have seen this year … and with an abundance of life around Julian Rocks – Image by John Natoli

  • Amazing conditions at the rock this weekend! Who would have thought after all the terrible weather we’ve had over the last four weeks including cyclone Oma ravaging our coastline… Repost by @uwpwithsascha