Latest Dive Report

Latest Dive Reports

  • Dive Date: Wednesday 12 December 2018
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: up to 20m
  • Water Temperature:  22-23 degrees
  • Comments: Leopard Sharks are back!!! The water is warm and blue, there is a slight current. The diving was fantastic! We saw Grey Nurse Sharks, Leopard Sharks, a couple of Bronze Whalers, lots of big Bullrays, a couple of large Eagle Rays, lots of huge QLD Gropers, lots of Snapper and Blubberlip Bream, massive Kingfish, a couple of Loggerhead Turtles and plenty more! .
  • Dive Date: Thursday 13 December 2018
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: 8-10m
  • Water Temperature:  21 degrees
  • Comments: What a difference a day makes! We lost 1 degree, the vis dropped overnight and the current picked up. The diving was still great. The current brought out lots of fish life: We saw Grey Nurse Sharks, a Bronze Whaler, lots of Bullrays, QLD Gropers, Jewfish, big Snapper, Kingfish, a few Loggerhead Turtles, lots of interesting Nudibranchs, a Spanish Dancer and plenty more.

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