Latest Dive Report

Latest Dive Reports

  • Dive Date: Saturday 22 September 2018 (diving cancelled 29/9, 6/10 and 13/10)
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: mostly 6-8m, up to 10m in a few spots
  • Water Temperature:  19 degrees
  • Comments: A beautiful morning at the Rock! We saw a lot of Grey Nurse Sharks all the way from the Nursery to the Cod Hole as well as on the deep side of the Rock. There were some massive Barracuda at the Cod Hole as well as a big school of Jewfish, big schools of Moses Perch and Bream, some big cod, big Snapper and Blubberlip Bream and some massive Kingfish cruising through as well as a couple of Bullrays, an Eagle Ray, a couple Loggerhead Turtles and some smaller turtles, nudibranchs, a little Bubbleshell, crayfish and plenty more!

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