Latest Dive Report

Latest Dive Reports

  • Dive Date: Friday 19 April 2019
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: 20m
  • Water Temperature:  24 degrees
  • Comments: Beautiful blue water, but quite choppy on the surface today. The current has picked up, so the fish life was amazing. We did a beautiful drift dive to the Cod Hole swim through and the deep side of the island where the water was still crystal clear. We saw lots of Leopard Sharks, Bullrays, Eagle Rays, a massive school of Jewfish, some huge QLD Gropers, lots of big Kingfish and plenty of turtles. The Needles were full of fish with big schools of Bullseyes, Bream and Moses Perch and some Leopard Sharks cruising right through the middle. We also met our friend the little Whitetip Reefshark there today.

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