Latest Dive Report

Latest Dive Reports

  • Dive Date: Saturday 16 September 2017
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: 5m
  • Water Temperature: 19 degrees
  • Comments: Not the greatest visibility today, but there was still plenty to see. Apart from the vis, conditions were great with no current and calm seas. We saw a few Grey Nurse Sharks, 5 Loggerhead Turtles!, a big Bullray, lots of big fish behind the Cod Hole and in the Trench, big schools of Trevally and Bream, a couple of Spanish Dancers, a cuttlefish, crayfish, Green Turtles, some huge Wobbegong Sharks and plenty more. We could hear the Humpback Whales singing loudly throughout the dives and had a great display of breaching whales on the way home.

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