Whale Watching FAQ’s

Please visit our whale watching website: Blue Bay Whale Watching

Frequently asked questions about whale watching

  • When is Byron Bay’s whale watching season? The Byron Bay whale watching season starts in early June. The first migrating Humpback Whales are normally sighted in May, but we don’t start whale watching until there are enough whales around to ensure that you will have plenty to see. Byron Bay’s whale watching season ends at the end of October or early November.
  • How do I book and how far in advance shall I book? The easiest way to book your whale watching adventure is to give us a call on 1800 858155 or 0488904411 and talk to one of our friendly staff. Please note that we will require a credit card number as security when making a booking, so please have your details ready. Payment can be made on the day of departure. Please note that we require 48 hours notice for any cancellation. You can also contact us through the email form on our contact us page or send us an email to info@bluebaydivers.com.au. Please note that bookings are essential for all whale watching trips.
  • Are whale sightings guaranteed? At Blue Bay Whale Watching, we are proud of our very experienced skippers who manage to always find the whales for our customers. In the unlikely event, that no whales were sighted on one of our trips, we will give you a second trip for free.
  • What if a trip gets cancelled due to bad weather? If we deem sea or bar conditions to be dangerous or extremely unpleasant for our customers, we will cancel the trip and give you a full refund. To avoid inconvenience, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible by studying forecasts and observing sea conditions. However, forecasts can be inaccurate and sea conditions can change unexpectedly. If you have any doubt about the conditions or if you are travelling a long distance to get to us, please give us a call on the day before departure. Please note that light rain and overcast skies will not affect your whale watching trip.
  • What do I need to bring? The “Bay Warrior” is an extremely comfortable and stable boat. However, we recommend that you wear warm clothing (fleece jumper, wind jacket), so you can enjoy whale watching inside and outside the cabin. On sunny days, sunblock, a hat and sunnies are recommended. Even though our cat is much more stable than a regular boat, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist about seasickness medication prior to the trip, especially for children.
  • Can I bring a camera that is not waterproof? The “Bay Warrior” has a dry cabin where you can store items you want to keep dry for the duration of the trip. For cameras that are not waterproof, we recommend that you take photos from inside the cabin. When taking the camera outside, be aware that spray from the ocean or the movement of the boat (or a breaching whale…) could damage your camera.
  • What is your cancellation policy? We will fully refund any booking that is cancelled at least 48 hours before departure of the trip. Cancellations within 48 hours of departure will incur the full cost for the booking.