• Two great trips today! The weather was a little grey, but we had fantastic whale action including a tiny calf. Here is one of Keith’s shots from this afternoon…


  • Unreal diving at Windarra today! Fantastic vis and no current! We saw 3 Hammerhead Sharks on the first dive, 2 more on the second dive plus a big Blacktip Shark, some Grey Nurse Sharks and a Leopard Shark. There were dozens of Eagle Rays cruising around throughout both dives, some massive Bullrays, huge schools of fish, Barracuda, Tuna, massive Kingfish and the list goes on. What a cracker of a day!

Windarra Banks 13 May

  • 20m vis at the rock again today and we have one spot (possibly 2) left for Saturday. The forecast looks great. Give us a call, if you’d like to come out!

Leopard Shark 5 May

  • Great diving today! The water is blue, just a little milky in some spots, but mostly 10-12m visibility. There are Leopard Sharks and Turtles and masses of fish everywhere! We still have one spot for Sunday and three spots for Anzac Day, so give us a call, if you’d like to come out. The forecast looks amazing!

Leopard Shark at Julian Rocks 220417

Green Turtle at Julian Rocks 220417

  • We had 24 degrees on Friday 24th, 25 degrees on Saturday 25th and yes, you guessed right, 26 degrees today on Sunday 26th! Conditions were fabulous today with 20m vis and zero current. Perfect cruisy diving with tons of Leopard Sharks. We’ll have Southerlies continuing through next week, so we’ll be diving Thursday and Friday as they look like two perfect days again. Give us a call, if you’d like to come out!

  • Stunning conditions at Julian Rocks today! The Cod Hole was amazing: big schools of fish, lots of Leopard Sharks cruising around, huge QLD Gropers, some big cod, a massive Eagle Ray, big Jewfish, lots of Blubberlip Bream and a massive Bullray. The Needles were full of Leopard Sharks, lots of little turtles, some big Kingfish and we found a tiny little yellow frogfish! Great conditions are set to continue with more Southerlies on the way, so we’ll be diving Thursday through to Sunday again next week!