• Unbelievable how time flies! It is the end of our whale watching season for 2017. We’ve had incredible encounters and more than our share of special moments with our friendly Humpbacks. Thank you all for your support this year. We hope to see you again in 2018. And don’t forget: It’s not good-bye, it’s See You Later!

End of 2017 Whale Season

  • Fantastic diving at the rocks yesterday! We saw at least 25 Grey Nurse Sharks, 15 of them squeezed into the Trench with us divers. What an amazing experience! Apart from all these sharks, we saw lots of big Jewfish, a massive QLD Groper, big Kingfish, Barracuda, big cod and the Cod Hole was packed with life. We saw Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles and Hawkesbill Turtles, a big Bullray, an Eagle Ray and plenty ,more. The whales were splashing everywhere on the surface and singing loudly throughout the dives. What a ripper of a day!

Julian Rocks 7 October 17

  • Finally, the Northerlies have stopped and we’re running trips again! Here are some of Keith’s shots from Tuesday. The Southern migration is in full swing with lots of mums and calves travelling past our shores. Now is the prime time for a whale watch! Give us a call on 1800858155, if you’d like to come out!


  • Here’s a nice little breach shot by Keith this morning. Against all predictions, it was a beautiful morning on the water with not much wind and very friendly whales. As always in spring, we have to work around the Northerlies at the moment. This Thursday has the best forecast this week and we still have spots available. So give us a call on 1800858155, if you’d like to come out!


  • A spy-hop in front of Mt Warning captured by Keith Christie on yesterday’s whale watching trip. Some researchers say that whales use spy-hopping and visual landmarks such as Mt warning for orientation. Makes sense when you look at this shot… We’ve got a great forecast for the next few mornings and there are still spots available, so give us a call, if you’d like to come and watch these whales whales navigate their way back home!


  • Two great trips today! The weather was a little grey, but we had fantastic whale action including a tiny calf. Here is one of Keith’s shots from this afternoon…