• Another day in perfect conditions at Julian Rocks today! The water is warm and clear and we saw the two Dusky Whaler Sharks again, 6-8 Leopard Sharks in the Needles, some Eagle Rays, lots of Bull Rays, big Jewfish and Kingfish, massive QLD Gropers, lots of Bream and Trevally, Barracuda, a big Loggerhead Turtle, a few smaller turtles and plenty more.

  • ’Tis the Season… Starting from 8 December we will be diving 7 days a week (weather dependent as always, of course) for the next few months. Open everyday except Christmas Day 25 December. Happy days!

  • Amazing diving at the rock yesterday! The water is clear and blue with 15-20m vis and it has warmed up to a lovely 22 degrees. We saw about 25-30 Grey Nurse Sharks, some big Bullrays, massive Jewfish, lots of big Blubberlip Bream and Snapper, some huge Kingfish, big Barracuda, Loggerhead Turtles und plenty more! And yes, our friend the little Whitetip Reefshark is back! Thanks for spotting him and getting a photo of him, Linda!

  • Not only did these two dolphins make us divers squeal with excitement when they buzzed around us, they also absolutely freaked out all fish life including the Grey Nurse Sharks! Every single fish took cover in cracks in the rock until the hunting was over and the dolphins disappeared. The vis was around the 15-20m mark, so this fast chain reaction was an amazing thing to watch. Interesting that the Grey Nurse at nearly the same size (one of the dolphins was huge!) did the same!

  • Hands up if you had a great day today! Amazing conditions at Julian Rocks: Clear blue water, hardly any current, flat as a lake and tons of Grey Nurse Sharks all along the Eastern side of the rock. We saw at least 20 sharks today and a total of six Loggerhead Turtles plus gazillions of fish everywhere! Happy days!

  • It was nose to tail shark action this weekend! Julian Rocks was packed with Grey Nurse Sharks, we saw at least 30 sharks, most of them behind the Cod Hole and on the deep Eastern side. At times it was shark traffic jam and we had to wait to squeeze through… Join us for a dive next Saturday while Grey Nurse Shark season is still at its peak!

  • Whale Watching season has started! We’ll be running daily trips until the end of October. Dive trips every Saturday morning!

Blue Bay Whale Watching Byron Bay