• Thanks everyone for joining us at the Cape Pin today. Happy Mothers Day!

    Photo by Allan Reyes
    “Thanks again Blue Bay for a great day in the water and taking us all out to Cape pin where we were able to observe in awe a big school of kingfish, Snapper and cod on a feeding frenzie. The speed of the Kingfish are amazing and as ususal, great laughs and food during the surface interval.”

  • Wow! Deep dive at the Cape Pin this morning, fantastic, a dream of a dive! With very little current and blue water, we were able to sit on top of the pinnacle in 27 metres and watch the spectacle in front of us: thousands and thousands of small baitfish were covering the pin and were being chased by big Kingfish, Snapper, some huge cods, a big Bullray etc. Big schools of 30 or 40 large Kingfish would come in and absolutely nail the baitfish. The speed of it all was just incredible and the formations were so beautiful and exciting to watch, at times we were completely submerged in bait and couldn’t see for a while until the hunt started again! Hopefully we’ll have some photos or video for you soon, but as always in these situations my Gopro had died 🙁