• Thank you Luke Denshea for sharing your stunning photos from your dive at Julian Rocks with us! We’ve had some incredible dives over the last month: Grey Nurse Sharks are out in large numbers and the Nursery is teeming with big schools of Bullseyes. The visibility has mostly been mostly 10-15m and the Cod Hole has been going off with lots of big fish and huge schools of smaller fish following the sharks around, big schools of Kingfish, huge QLD Gropers, big schools of Cownose Rays, big schools of Jewfish and the list goes on and on… Some of our keen regular divers have commented that those dives were some of the best they’ve ever had at the rock. And we agree, this is definitely one of the best times of year to dive Julian Rocks. If you’d like to come and see for yourself, give us a call on 1800858155 or send a message, there are still a few spots left for this Saturday!

Luke Dunshea Luke Dunshea2