Latest Dive Report

  • Dive Date: Sunday 22/11/20
  • Location: Julian Rocks
  • Visibility: 10-12m
  • Water Temperature:  21 degrees
  • Comments: Excellent diving today! We had a moderate current and great surface conditions. There were a few Grey Nurse Sharks still around and the Sandbar Whaler that’s been hanging around cruised past us again. There were lots of big fish all around the Cod Hole: Big Jewfish, big Snapper, Blubberlip Bream, Barracuda, large cod, huge Kingfish cruising past and big schools of Bream and Moses Perch. We saw some Loggerhead Turtles and plenty of smaller turtles. Highlight of the weekend for the crew was a massive Clown Frogfish (which is unheard of at Julian Rocks!!!) in the Trench. We also saw lots of Nudibranchs, cuttlefish, crayfish and plenty more!

Forecast for the next four days:


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