What’s new at Blue Bay Divers?

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Our whale watching season has started this week … and what a great start it was for our whale watching guests. At one stage the boat was ‘mugged’ by 4 very inquisitive whales and so all we could do was put the engines into idle and watch the show as the whales swam all around us, rolling upside down and spy-hopping. One of our guests submerged his Gopro just under the surface. Do you think he got some good footage?
Presently we do have restrictions on passenger numbers due to Covid-19 and we recommend you book in advance. Call us on 1800 858 155 and we can help you sort out times and dates.
Happy Whale Watching 2020!

After 10 weeks of lockdown, it is fantastic to be back at Julian Rocks! Grey Nurse Sharks season has started and we are finally running dive trips again. Due to Covid19 restrictions, we can only take a maximum of 6 divers per trip at the moment, so make sure you book early to secure a spot!

In response to Covid-19 government restrictions and recommendations, we will be cancelling all our dive and snorkel trips until further notice, because we believe that it is impossible to comply with the current social distancing requirements on our dive boat.
Please stay safe and stay home, so we can get through this quickly and see you for a dive again soon!

Manta magic at Julian Rocks! 3 Mantas on Friday, 5 Mantas on Saturday and countless Leopard Sharks! Check out Jo Edney’s video from this weekend:

Such a good weekend! Autumn diving has begun! We‘ve got double dive trips on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. Give us a call if you’d like to come out! Thanks for sharing your great photos @jblank_photography

Lots of Leopard Sharks at Julian Rocks at the moment! Friday looks like the pick of the week weather wise and we still have a few spots available. Give us a call on 1800858155 if you’d like to come out!

Leopard Sharks are here! A stunning day at Julian Rocks! We saw at least 15-20 Leopard Sharks, Eagle Rays, a large school of Cownose Rays, big Bullrays, Blubberlip Bream, cod, huge Kingfish, a few turtles, big schools of Bream and Moses Perch and plenty more!


Big Bullrays everywhere last weekend! It must be getting close to their mating season. There was also a single Grey Nurse Shark still hanging around the Nursery getting ready to pack up and leave for summer. Blue water has moved in the Rock and summer diving is just around the corner now! We have a fantastic forecast for the coming weekend and a few spots are still available. Give us a call on 1800858155, if you’d like to come out for a dive!

  • Only a few more weeks of Grey Nurse Sharks left at Julian Rocks before the water warms up again in December and Leopard Sharks arrive.