What’s new at Blue Bay Divers?

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15 June 2022:
Our 2022 whale watching season has begun! We’ll only be diving on Saturdays for the next four months and we’ll run whale watching trips throughout the week twice per day. There’s plenty of whales around already. Give us a call on 1800858155, if you’d like to come out.

11 June 2022:
Grey Nurse Sharks are here!!!

9 May 2022:
Great to be out at Julian Rocks and see some familiar faces (both customers and marine life…) whenever we get a small window of opportunity. Saturday was a lovely day. Now strap yourselves in for the next front coming through!
Image by @joshblankphotography

Easter Sunday 17 April 2022:
Happy Easter! We hope you have a great weekend even if you can’t get out to go diving. It’s been another challenging year so far, but we hope to see you all when conditions improve. Now go and eat some Easter eggs and enjoy your long weekend!

22 February 2022:
Here’s a shot by Brett Wemyss showing our incredible encounter with a school of around 200 Cownose Rays!

21 February 2022:
Happy Manta Monday!

19 February 2022:
What a spectacular day! Leopard Sharks and Eagle Rays everywhere, a Manta in the Needles and a dolphin at the Cod Hole!

3 February 2022:
4 Mantas today! We had Mantas, Leopard Sharks and Eagle Rays circling us in the Needles. There was a lot of activity and there seemed to be a lot of fish spawn in water, so this was possibly a feeding event.

31 January 2022:
Meet Buffalo, yesterday’s friendly Manta (ID #1056), a large male, first spotted at Solitary Islands Marine Park in 1989! Wow!

27 January 2022:
After weeks of bad weather we finally have some beautiful diving conditions and Leopard Sharks everywhere!